Work hybrid with workplace and desk booking

Give flexibility to your employees, control occupancy in the workplace and gain insight on the office usage.

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Control office space
Control office space and capacity

Configure your offices and its workspaces in the management console. Define the rules that determine who can make reservations when and where. Let users pick their preferred workspace or use an auto-placement algorithm to ensure colleagues within a department always sit next to each other. You don’t need consultants to do all of this.You can be up and running within a few hours.

Clear analytics to optimize workspace management

The dashboards show you in real-time who made reservations, who is in the office or which desks are still available. Reports allow you to get valuable insights. For instance about occupancy, to support workspace reduction decisions. Do you want to use your own BI tools? No problem, just use our API.

CIAO analytics about the office occupancy
Employee satisfaction
Improve employee satisfaction

Covid-19 has shown us in only a very short period of time that working from home works.  For employees as well as employers. However, spending time at the office is also valuable and appreciated. The CIAO app supports this, allows users to easily make workplace reservations and helps to overcome potential objections to this new way of working. Your employee satisfaction rates will go up as they always get a safe and comfortable place to work, collaborate and enjoy social interaction with their colleagues.

Highest standards for security and privacy

In today’s world you must ensure your employees’ data is securely stored and privacy is safeguarded. We use OKTA’s identity management platform, which is used by the largest multinational companies to ensure employee identity data is secure.

Do you want to use your own Active Directory or identity provider? No problem, as we use OKTA it is easy to integrate.

CIAO security and privacy
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