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Working from home. It drives some people crazy; others feel they don’t ever want it to change. Yet, we can no longer ignore that the role of the office is changing. How do you transform your office as it once was into being a hybrid, comprehensive, and flexible workplace?

The role of the future-proof office

Research (in Dutch) shows that, before the corona crisis rocked our world, Dutch employees commuted to the office 4.1 days a week on average. That ship has sailed. Even if we are allowed to move freely again soon, we will go to the office less: on average about 2.8 days each week. After all, not all work necessarily has to be done in the office. Thanks to cloud-based solutions and modern collaboration tools, we can work wherever we want. We will never stop going to the office because we miss the spontaneous interactions and the face-to-face meetings with colleagues and managers too much. The future-proof office will function more as a meeting place and conference area than the workplace factory it once was.

Activity-based working

A modern office is flexible enough to boost cooperation and teamwork. By allocating space according to use and activity, you encourage activity-driven work. Do you need to concentrate on something or make a few customer calls? Then it would help if you had a quiet environment, which could be at home, but also a secluded area at the office. Are you looking to interact more socially, or is it time for a brainstorming session with your team? Then you need an inspiring conference room. A dedicated space for each employee? That is so 2019.

A fit with professional and personal needs

Focusing, working together, networking, and getting inspired ... Whether at home, in a co-working space close to home, on a tropical island with your feet in the sand, or in one of your company's offices, we believe people should be able to work where they feel most comfortable and productive. In an environment that suits their professional and personal needs. But how do you empower your employees to choose where they work, according to their scheduled activity? How do you transform your office into that hybrid, multifunctional, and flexible workplace?

A platform that attracts talent and helps employees to excel

CIAO is the platform for the agile and flexible future-proof workplace, the office 2.0. Our mission is to give employees the freedom to gain access to precisely the workplace they need to excel at what they do anywhere, anytime. To feel productive and healthy. So that you can work with talent from anywhere in the world, regardless of your organization size.

It's not about the hours in the office. It's the results that matter.

Ready for the new flexible working style?

Define the rules and let your employees control when, where, and with whom they work. Get valuable insights into employee behavior so that you can optimize your workplace strategy based on data-driven workplace decisions. Want to discover for yourself how CIAO brings the future-proof office within reach? Feel free to book a demo today without any obligation

Femke Vonk
Content strategist